Finding Best Magazines for Preschoolers

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One of the best ways in which your preschooler can learn quickly is by reading and seeing things. For doing that, your child does not have to limit himself/herself to books. Age-appropriate, children’s magazines filled with stories, puzzles, and other educational activities can keep your child entertained for hours, while also encouraging the skills needed to succeed in school. Most preschool magazines offer a variety of activities and readings for many different ages and skill levels. The colorfully illustrated preschool magazines not only help parents choose a range of activities and stories that they believe their child will love, but also offer plenty of opportunities for interaction with their child.

With the awesome range of children magazines out there, it is difficult to make the right choice. All of them are bright, fun, and are filled with amazing illustrations and an amazing range of activities and stories for children. So, how do you know what to choose for your child? This Buzzle article provides you with details that will hopefully help you make the right choice.

7 Best Magazines for Preschoolers

Highlights High Five

This classic children’s magazine ”Highlights”, that has been around since 1946, launched the High Five magazine in 2007 especially for kindergartners and preschoolers, aged 2 to 6 years. The 40-page monthly magazine is filled with stories and poems. There are also educational activities, such as simple crafts and kids recipes, in the “Let’s Do It” section. The learning games, beginner puzzles, such as “My First Hidden Pictures”, and much more, are designed to promote reasoning and problem solving in kids.


Babybug, meant for ages 6 months to 3 years, is filled with some amazing and unique stuff including illustrated nursery rhymes, finger plays, and even some original poems. The variety of illustrations are fascinating for children as well as adults. Every issue allows you to meet Kim and her toy bunny Carrots, who do simple activities that children can relate to. Moreover, this board magazine is sturdy enough for toddler use and has clear text and some bright pictures. It is also advertising-free and is published nine times a year.


A science magazine for preschoolers! Would your three-year-old really like that? Well, it is not a typical science magazine. With a tagline that says “opening windows for young minds”, this magazine features unique articles, stories, photos, and illustrations, all geared toward young children and contextualizing technology lessons.

For example: The Nov-Dec 2013 issue features numbers as its theme. This theme is thoroughly explored with sections on how the ancient Egyptians and Romans wrote their numbers, and ”Number Play” that lets you play with Egyptian and Roman numerals. In the section ”Beatrice’s World”, the child is encouraged to find numbers all around, be it house numbers or on an abacus. This magazine is meant to engage and rouse the natural curiosity of a toddler. The Magazine is published nine times a year, and you can opt for both mail or digital subscriptions.

Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids

Designed for the preschool audience, this is a great bi-monthly magazine that features some really fun stories, articles, and poems that you can read aloud to your child. There are loads of preschool activities such as ”connect the dots”, craft activities, recipes, and finger play activities. It also has photos to keep the toddler glued to the magazine for a long time.

National Geographic Little Kids

Remember how, as a kid, you used to be fascinated with the animals on your daddy’s National Geographic magazine? Well, now, kids no longer need to feel left out. National Geographic Little Kids, meant for ages 3 to 6 years, is just the perfect magazine for preschoolers who get to learn about a wide range of animals and insects. Filled with bright photographs and huge text, it is written in a format that is easy for early readers to digest. It also features activities that are designed to hone early-learning skills like letters, numbers, matching, and observation. Of course, all this has a central theme of animals and nature. Six issues of this magazine are published each year.


This bright and colorful preschool magazine is just bursting with stories, puzzles, and activities designed for 3- to 6-year-old children. Chirp, the bright-yellow chick with his curiosity and kindness encourages children to explore and find different things. Published ten times a year, every issue has a unique theme, and the engaging stories and early-learning activities, all deal with the same theme. “Chirp’s Storytime Adventure” offers a read-aloud story that you can enjoy with the child. There are also loads of craft activities, pretend play, and movement games for children who love to do more than just read.

Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine

If your child loves animal, then this magazine is a must-have for him/her. Apart from the incredible photography and complementary graphic layout, there is a wealth of information for an animal-loving child, including stories, fun facts, and animal profiles. The text is big and bold, allowing a young reader to read easily. Moreover, with all those interesting facts, there are many adult readers who would love to browse through this magazine as well. The magazine is published 10 times a year and is free of all advertisements.

Other Great Magazines

★ Sesame Street
★ Strawberry Shortcake
★ Thomas & Friends
★ Sparkle World
★ Zootles
★ Fun To Learn Friends

By subscribing to these magazines, you are sure to inculcate a lifelong love for reading in children. They are fun for kids and one of the best investments that you can make. Watch the huge smile the child gets when he spots the magazine in the mail.