Tips on Getting a Scholarship in an Interview

Posted on October 17, 2016 By

download-21Not everyone can afford to finance his own study, or the studies of their children. Young people often need to find a part-time job, to be able to earn some extra money and survive as students. While to have a job is a good alternative, it does not work in every case. If you study at a medical school, or law school, you need to learn a lot. There is hardy a free time for having a job, or something similar.

Scholarship is a great alternative for these people. However, not everyone can get it. Committees at schools would be proud to grant a scholarship to everyone, but they do not have funds available to do it. Therefore, there is typically an interview, where scholarship applicants meet with the school representatives. Based on the result of the interview, grants are allocated. What to expect there?

First of all, committee tries to find out what your motivation to study is. Many youngsters apply for medical studies, or similar prestigious subject, just because their parents press them to do so. These are not the students that school wants to offer a scholarship. Therefor, you need to convince them about your honest motivation and determination to study and graduate from the school.

Secondly, your monthly expenses are investigated. They ask where you plan to invest the scholarship, as well as how you spend money. The best thing you can do is to prepare your monthly cost break-down and present it to the interviewers. A copy of payroll slip of your father and mother can also help, especially if they do not earn much money.

In the last stages of an interview, they ask about your plans, goals as well as hobbies. Each school has a model of an ideal student and they try to find out how close you are to this model. You should always try to present yourself as a responsible person who tries hisn very best to not only study well, but also do something extra for the educational institution.

To conclude it, not everyone can get a scholarship. If you want to succeed, you will need to prepare yourself. Create a list of your monthly expenses and spend some time mocking answers to the most typical scholarship interview questions. This should help you to be better prepared than the others and ace your scholarship interview.